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Company Policy

  • Increasing the competitiveness in Electrical Power industry through decrease of finished cost and improvement of productivity and quality 
  • Development of design and engineering knowledge in manufacturing
  • Development of After Sales and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Services in relevant sections.
  • Improvement of human resources' processes based on competency in accordance with organization's mission, vision and objectives realization; and causing the convergence of organization's and personnel's goals strategically.
  • Education of human resources through equipping managers and other employees with required competencies, creation of equal opportunities for learning and development of the personnel and providing proper bases for their partnership and relations with all interested parties.
  • Increasing the customers' satisfaction, quality promotion and continual improvement of Integrated Management System through identification, implementation and control of processes and determination of appropriate organizational objectives.
  • Efficient and effective usage of resources like material, fuel, energy and water; and avoiding inappropriate usage or waste of the mentioned resources.
  • Preventing from environment pollution through identification, monitoring and objective setting for environmental aspects according to related organizations' requirements and regulations.
  • Maintaining the employee's body and spiritual health through identification, evaluation, monitoring and objective setting for occupational hazards focused at risk minimization according to related organizations' rules and regulations.

All employees are obliged to understand and execute this policy and implement the Integrated Management System. Also, the management representative is responsible for its monitoring and reporting.

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